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Recycling to the Rescue

women-empowermentMost of the communities where the ReciclArte project works are in isolated, often environmentally sensitive zones, where the necessary infrastructures are lacking for even minimal waste management.

So typically, women group together to tackle the problem. They start educating their communities about protecting the environment through recycling, with regular river and beach cleanups, talks in schools, environmental fairs,  anything that works.

While providing subsistence to dozens of village women, the rural recycling center is also a powerful vector of environmental education.

reciclarte community recycling eco-jewelryAt home, after recycling hours, the women are free to work their miracle. After a careful preparation of the materials, they are ready to transform the pull-tabs they have collected and the donated fabric into delightfully original accessories: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts, hand-bags.

These jewels help to demonstrate to their community that “no es basura”, Spanish for not to be considered waste, and therefore not to be thrown into the street, river or beach.