Refuse - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

What We Do

necklace-bracelet-macroThis handsome jewelry, also refered to as eco-jewelry, is the fruit of a socio-environmental project which seeks to produce a change in the way throw-away materials are seen.

ReciclArte trains and empowers women to design and craft eco-jewelry and fashion accessories from recycled materials, then helps them by marketing their crafts through the broad network of resellers.

The ReciclArte articles are produced in small communities in the four corners of Costa Rica.  The project has developed a way of uniforming the quality of the production, while nurturing the creativity of each woman in remote rural areas.

what-we-do-sarayEvery village has a seamstress who donates remnants to the recyclers instead of throwing them away.  That was the first source of fabrics, to which was added, as the project grew and became known, clothes factories, fabric stores, upolstry shops, sewing schools and individual fashion designers.

The donated fabric is then soaked, color-set, stripped, fringed or sewn, matched, combined and woven with the pull-tabs rescued from the women’s recycling centers.  These are exhautively processed as well:  soaked, washed, dried, sorted, filed.  The pull-tabs are woven with the scratchy part turned inside, so there are no rough edges.

Once they have prepared the materials and designed eco-jewelry in their homes, the women meet to do quality control of their production.  Then it is sent to the central workshop in the capital, where it undergoes a second rigorous quality control, ensuring that only the best products reach the market.


Then the project coordination comes into play, since these women profit from an extensive network of resellers, that has been developed, while they are busy recycling, training their community, making eco-jewelry, and caring for their families – busy lives – now sparkling with creativity and pride.

ReciclArte helps these women by empowering them to development their creativity, by marketing this eco-jewelry.  If you would like to join our network of resellers and distributors, please contact us.