Refuse - Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

About ReciclArte

 Reciclarte up-cycled eco-jewelryReciclArte  trains and empowers women to design and craft eco-jewelry and fashion accessories from recycled materials, then helps them by marketing their crafts through the broad network of resellers.

The groups of women ReciclArte works with are those responsible for recycling in their home communities, whether a neighborhood or a small village.  In the rudamentary recycling center they manage, they first collect, sort and prepare the raw materials of their creations. Women recyclers help protect the environment by training their communities to recycle.

After their recycling day, at home, in spare time, they then give a second life to aluminum pull-tabs and cloth remnants, creating fine fashion accessories that help them sustain their community, their recycling activity and their family.

Reciclarte up-cycled jewelry from fabric remnantsTurning pull-tabs into beautiful fashion accessoires

The purchase of these articles contributes to generating alternative revenues for groups of women recyclers who devote both their creative imagination and their labor in recuperating these materials, to preserving the environment.

The proceeds are used to generate and strengthen environmental education projects through community recycling in rural villages in Costa Rica.





Behind each article,
crafted from what we commonly call trash,
is a dream of saving the world,
in the hearts and hands of village women recyclers,
who create beauty from “basura”, to educate their community
in the environment’s four “R’s” (refuse-reduce-reuse-recycle).
Who would guess that the origin of such art
is discarded beverage cans and cloth remnants?

Poem by: Daniela Arguedas